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Terms & Conditions

Geek Squad Plus Technology is an independent third party digital marketing company and it has no affiliation with (Geek Squad USA). Upon receiving the email confirmation of completion of the given assignment, the client has a period of 45 days for technical support wherein no dispute or refund or financial support will be entertained. We developed a feedback based software program. If after the completion of the project, the client asks for cancellation complete 100% amount will be refunded. If we sent a refund to you then it is necessary that it should emerge on your credit card statement within 7 to 10 business days. After receiving the refund, firstly you must uninstall any software products for which you have no longer valid and purchased license. GEEK SQUAD PLUS TECHNOLOGY reserves the right to disable any product keys and/or serial numbers that are issued to you for the refunded products. Minimum charge 30% will be debited of the total cost occurred in the completion of the assignment for orders above $200 USD. For rest, it will be $99 USD as a minimum charge. GEEK SQUAD PLUS TECHNOLOGY PVT. LTD. Customer Support Phone Number: USA 1-800-859-2820, UK 0808-196-2607, AUS 61-(024)-017-0262I, the authorized cardholder, hereby I acknowledge and agree to pay all charges from "Geek Squad Plus Technology PVT LTD". I understand that it is my sole responsibility to monitor the activity only credit card and further agree that, In the case of a dispute, I will resolve the matter directly with Geek Squad Plus Technology Pvt Ltd.